For the curious and voracious who want to be informed, inspired and entertained by a considered perspective.
ISSUE is an online magazine dedicated to championing the marriage of style, intelligence and all things beautiful from the worlds of fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle.

We approach digital storytelling with a print mentality, giving articles the time to stew, germinate and come to fruition.
A magazine born out of frustration with the status quo

We believe there still exists the demanding  reader who wants more from his or her media. That speed and ease of reading isn't a shorthand for mediocrity.

We take issue with the assumption that the digital frontier necessitates dumbed down content. Instead, we’re embracing the screens and giving it the love and craft we've come to expect from what goes into a magazine.
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ISSUE approaches content creation with the belief that the web can play host to intelligent, insightful stories that come from a variety of creators, celebrating spectrums of thought and opinion – particularly young and emerging talent.

We are always looking for contributors to the magazine, particularly writers with a sharp and personal take on fashion, beauty, lifestyle or culture who are keen to give voice to well-formed perspectives. Visual creators are very welcome too, and we take pleasure in indulging obsessions, exploration, and providing a platform for the work and concepts that don't fit the editorial framework of legacy publications.
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