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The rush to get Christmas gift-ready is on, and we’re here to help choose gifts perfect for every level on your friendship
It’s again the most wonderful time of the year for conspicuous consumerism and justified gluttony. But before you stuff yourself with yet another serving of turkey ham (seriously, how much can you eat?), you will first have to get through the equal-parts-dreaded-and-anticipated gift exchange part of the night.

Getting cold sweat already?

Good. We’re here to help you decide on a gift for everyone you know (and don’t) at the party.
You see him often enough. Maybe he’s a close friend of a not-so-close friend who shows up to parties when he’s just looking for free drinks and a chance to score with the girls. But outside that circle, you don’t talk anymore than you need to. We all know that guy.
Or maybe you don’t see him that often because he’s always travelling for business. Who knows (you sure don’t). May we suggest the Aesop Jet Set Kit (approximately SGD59), comprising 50ml bottles of their Classic Shampoo, Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser and Rind Concentrate Body Balm. When he’s stuck with thoroughly mediocre hotel bodycare he will remember you, and get you something even nicer from wherever he’s at. Or there’s next Christmas.
All Hands
Hands! You’ve got them, I’ve got them, most of us have got them. Dry hands are universally reviled and an elegantly scented cream is a staple that almost everyone is guaranteed to appreciate in their bag. The Rodin Lavender cream (approximately SGD137) is an understated exercise in luxury. From the simple packaging to the refined scent, it’s a skin saver that can be used all over.
Sweet Dreams
Good sleep is rarely spoken of, but it’s a recent idea that the accoutrements of your nocturnal habits play a big part of your life. Consider that you spend almost a third of your life in bed – more if you’re a hibernating creature of habit. To make the process a little more elegant, these silk pillowcases (approximately SGD120) by Slip are soft, sumptuous, and most importantly protect the delicate skin on your face from the perils of night-time tossing and turning. Others might overlook it, but make it known you’re not one to sleep on good rest.
You party as a group and follow each other on private Instagram accounts (he requested, for some reason), but beyond occasionally replying to each other’s Instastories, there really isn’t much to your friendship. A friend to have fun with doesn’t need to be a friend you open up to, right? Get him Le Gramme’s Le 7 Brushed Sterling Silver Cuff (approximately SGD280), which is as universally desirable and wearable as jewelry gets. A great last minute gift for literally anyone to avoid seeming like, what do they call it in french...le asshole.
A Conversation Starter
In a big group, the social dynamic can only extend so far before you’re friends with someone with whom you don’t really have anything to say. You hem and haw when forced to make conversation alone, and it’s a waiting game of who will chicken out first and suggest looking for “the rest of the gang”. Not so with this audacious Fucking Fabulous (approximately SGD306) eau de parfum from Tom Ford’s line. When this launched, it caused an understandable gasp from the fashion and beauty worlds – so much so no one really cared what it smelled like, just what it said. What’s that? It’s Fucking Fabulous!
Pen Pals
You’ll promise to catch up with each other, that it’s such a shame you only see each other a few times a year, but you both know they’re niceties in a game neither is exempt from. Whether you end up making hollow plans to get together the next year, they’ll still be able to jot down other appointments in the luxurious textured leather Smythson Soho 2019 diary (approximately SGD451). And hey, even if you don’t see each other, you will be there in spirit through your gift, keeping their appointments with other people.
In every group, there’s bound to be at least two people who used to date. It’s the curse that show Friends left us with. Maybe one of them is yourself, and despite the crippling post-breakup depression you went to therapy for, you’re still friends, of sorts. This pair of Oliver Peoples Gregory Peck Sunglasses (approximately SGD436) will drop a subtle hint about their lack of foresight (haha) and the bright (hahaha) future the two of you could’ve had together. Oh, the shade of it all.
Who's Taken To The Skies
Thoughtful: keep them warm and snuggled up in all the long haul flights he or she will be taking as they leave you. Try not to be too bitter, knowing at least that you’ve endowed them with an artful printed blanket by Calvin Klein (approximately SGD569). Under Raf Simons’ direction, this Pendleton virgin wool and cotton comfort is printed with a painting of Dennis Hopper courtesy of the Andy Warhol foundation. It’s thoughtful, artful, and oh so soft.
Walk On By
There’s a Chinese superstition that warns against gifting shoes as it will lead the recipient away from you. Well, now that that ship has sailed there’s no love lost! So throw wind to that old wives’ tale and consider a pair of these Jacques penny loafers (approximately SGD585) from Mr Porter’s in-house label Mr P. It’s got a rugged chunk to its sole and an elegantly classic leather upper, which should take the lucky man far and wide.
He’s the one always hosting house parties, but you’ve only recently noticed that his only contributions are tap water and electricity. You wonder if house parties are his way of stocking up on leftover food to tide him over to the next because he’s too broke to feed himself. The only other logical reason why he doesn’t go out is that he’s stuck in some kind of American Horror Story Hotel situation, right? Either way, the Le Labo Santal 26 Scented Candle 1200g (approximately SGD487) is perfect for scenting his humble abode - at his next party, catch a few extra sniffs to get your money’s worth.
Who's Also An Aspiring Mixologist
With this Soho Home cocktail maker set (approximately SGD418), what you’re saying is: I love you, let’s stop drinking the same thing all the time. Dare to be creative! Challenge your friend to host with cocktails of their own making. The stylish set includes a muddler made of acacia wood, stainless steel bar tools, and a crystal jug and four highball glasses: tools enough to get anyone started on their own bespoke cocktail at home journey.
And That 80s Disco Playlist
Everyone Loves
This one’s as much good for you as it is for your hosting friend. The Bang & Olufsen Beolit 17 (approximately SGD1,144) speakers are a matte minimalist wonder that looks unassuming enough to be decoration. Yet beneath its spare surface is a powerful set of lungs that can throw out crisp 360-degree sound for 24 whole hours on a single charge. There’s a handle too so you can tote it around and bring the party with you from room to room, decking the halls with Mariah Carey.
When Sean Kingston crooned, “She’s indecisive...she can’t decide”, he felt that. All those times you almost passed out from hunger can be traced back to their hour-long back and forths between Domino’s and Spizza, ultimately ending up in Din Tai Fung anyway. Now make your friend’s existential anxiety a little more pleasant with Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s The Fragrance Wardrobe (approximately SGD202). It gives him eight options from the luxury perfume house, a repertoire of work from one of the best in the industry packed in handy 11ml bottles for a daily exercise in snap decision making. They might not be able to decide, but you sure can.
Treat For The Tresses
Show that you mean business with this Hair Rituel discovery kit by Sisley (approximately SGD95). The French brand’s newly released ‘Rituels’ range of hair products are elegantly formulated to solve a number of problems. This one is a volumising treat that uses cotton proteins, vitamin B5 and botanical oils to moisturise, repair and revitalise. There’s four products in the kit: a shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and oil. Perfect for the indecisive because that’s about the whole kit and caboodle you’ll need and love.
Name Your Prize
Thankfully, we don’t have to decide on names for ourselves. Leave it instead to the God-given one or your friend’s nom de plumes of choice – and go with the corresponding initial courtesy of Chloé. Under Natacha Ramsey-Levi’s reinvigoration of the house, these little gold-toned alphabet rings (approximately SGD261) are an understated statement of personality and individuality – never mind that there are only 26 letters. And here’s the real trick: this looks like a well thought out personalised gift so you won’t ever look suspiciously like you were shopping in a desperate afterthought rush.
You’ve known each other for a couple of years back in college, been through hell and back with sleepless, caffeine-fuelled project nights and somehow she’s still sticking with you. You can’t get rid of her, and you love that about her. This kind of friendship is likely going to be your only constant throughout your dating life, honeymoon period and inevitable divorce. Treat her to a J.W Anderson tote bag (approximately SGD914) that’s made in Spain from canvas and leather, and big enough to fit her personal effects and your emotional baggage.
Part-Time Lovers
Put Stevie Wonder’s Part-Time Lover on, because this is the friend you’re so close to you might as well be married. Hold your horses, though, because though signing on that line might be fun, you’re both probably better off making jokes about marriage as single people. What you can make magical is everything else they’ll be signing off on with this Portable Brass and Copper Fountain Pen and Holder set from Y Studio (approximately SGD210). It’s an elegant kit with a sleek modern pen and accoutrements to take it into whichever hotel or office they’re set up in.
Time-Tested Bonds
Tough times make for strong bonds – and if there ever were a personification of that it might well be Bottega Veneta’s intrecciato weave. We know, it’s not a terribly new or exciting choice of gift, but the timelessness of this leather pouch (approximately SGD1,040) speaks to the effortless connection you have with your friend. Of the understated perfection you’ve got in your relationship with each other. And, for a bit of romance to this line of thought: the kind of friendship that gets better with age and time, not unlike the soft and plush napa leather.
There’s nothing like the first spark of young, foolish love; Summer Finn to your inner Tom Hansen. You think that just because she likes the same bizzaro crap you do, she’s your soulmate. Well, we all know how that movie plays out. In the meantime, while you still get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you’re with her, gift her the tactile equivalent: a Berluti Cashmere Rollneck Sweater (approximately SGD2,623). The soft sweater comes from Haider Ackermann’s final collection for Berluti and feels like a wearable hug. Just don’t forget to ask for it back after your break up.
A Shirt To Remember You By
Prada’s taken over the space of camp collar shirts and statement prints. See: Jeff Goldblum’s year of fashion resurgence encapsulated in a single flaming shirt. The archival reissue prints are a bit too commonplace now, so consider perhaps this one (approximately SGD1,293) of bright cartoon hot dog and hamburger stands. This print is exclusive to Mr Porter and cute enough to make everyday wear. And if they wear it everyday, they might just think of you everyday too. Wink wink.
A Whisper In The Ear
You’re testing the waters. You want to give something that says you love and care, but more importantly have fantastic taste and an understanding of what she likes. Err on the side of understatement with this Elipse earring (approximately SGD818) by the Danish designer Sophie Bille Brahe. Her resolutely modern and feminine designs have won her the favour of fashion industry insiders, and you can’t go wrong with this elegant 14- karat gold iteration with a single Akoya pearl on the end.
You’re not reading ISSUE for advice on whether your partner is your actual soulmate. At least, you shouldn’t be; we don’t have multiple choice style quizzes here. What we can advise on, if you’re sure you’ve met the one, is that you need to invest in them. The Row’s Mickey Wool Coat (SGD6,030) from the Olsen twins’ first menswear collection is a true investment piece that will see you through sun and shine both literal and figurative.
A Symbol Of Love
The tank has a long history as an icon of horlogerie and a coterie of stylish women who wore it. Make your soulmate no exception with the 25.2mm steel and diamond Tank Française (approximately SGD9,829) by Cartier. Net-A-Porter, as it so happens, is the only online retailer to stock the French watch and jewellery brand. Its iconic lugs are framed by 24 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.49 carats, a subtle bit of dazzle.
Bold Femininity
How about some more printed Prada goodness? For this season’s collection, Miuccia Prada revisited her archives, pulling out some of the most popular patterns and in some cases fusing them together. This cotton-poplin wrap skirt (approximately SGD1614) is a clean reminder of the lipsticks from Spring 2000, a subversive display of femininity.
Yourself, of course. It’s been a tough year for everyone, so props to you for getting through this. Treat yourself to the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Classic Medium Thin (SGD8,805) as a reminder that tough times only last so long. Also, because it’s a very attractive classic timepiece that suits all genders. Both are very sound excuses, but it’s high time you treat yourself.
Bad Bitch Goes Festive
Holiday seasons means party season means you deserve an outfit that’s meant for fun. Green is an easy choice (something about Christmas trees), and this Pippa shearling coat (approximately SGD3,402) by Sies Marjan is an equal no brainer. The teal lamb shearling is simultaneously plush and glamorous, a high impact statement that’s great on the streets and even better for a dramatic removal a la Aretha Franklin as you step into a holiday party.
Snap Decisions
Yes, Apple and Samsung and Huawei and Google might try to convince you that their phone cameras are amazing, but they’ll never match up to a camera proper. This X-E3 (approximately SGD1,761) model by Fujifilm is a tiny little mirrorless marvel. Translation: it’s a handy size, you can switch lenses, and you’re getting great pictures alongside 4K video capability. Upside of this Mr Porter exclusive is a full-grain leather body and a 18-55mm lens which is perfect for just about all situations. Time to level up those year end memories so everyone has great new profile pictures.