There’s nothing quite like the real thing, or so the new brand Bare For Bare is saying. This newly launched Singaporean body and haircare brand has embraced the goodness of botanicals and come up with a line of affordably luxurious products – all rooted in the natural benefits of lovingly-sourced essential oils.

Call it part of the contemporary wellness tilt towards the organic and away from the chemical, but Bare is one of many brands embracing and refining time-tested botanical ingredients. Think rose and chamomile for calming, lemongrass and ginger for invigoration and cleansing, and lavender for relaxation – amongst others.

The range of shampoos and conditioners (SGD25.90 for 300ml) by Bare For Bare are silicone, sulphate, PEB and paraben-free.

Bare For Bare’s lineup is generally split into duos of products: one for cleansing, and one for treatment. So haircare is sold with matching shampoos and conditioners (both SGD25.90 for 300ml), and body care with washes (SGD15.90 for 300ml) and lotions (SGD19.90 for 300ml). They’re all infused with essential oils, free of parabens, and use top-grade botanical extracts. The brand’s lemongrass, ginger, bergamot, geranium and rosemary – for example – are sourced from Spain, green tea from China, and fresh peppermint from India.

For hair, there is Cucumber and Passion Fruit for damage repair. The abundant antioxidants and vitamins from the passion fruit help with strengthening and nourishing, while cucumber provides hydration – the help needed for smoother and stronger hair. Hair fall can be combated with the Chamomile and Lily products, which use these key ingredients to soothe and calm the scalp and improve hair’s longevity. Bleached and coloured tresses will benefit from the Rose and Kerarice variant, which uses an active ingredient extracted from rice to impede fading and damage and rose to calm and moisturise.

My favourite, however, is the Lemon and Citrus which is meant for scalp care. You could spend a fortune on your locks, but you’d do well to give the base from which it grows some love. Lemon extract helps with pH-balancing and deep cleansing, and citrus extracts deliver restorative Vitamin B. Overall: a happy scalp means less oiliness and dandruff, and healthier hair growth. Nipping it in the bud, as it were.

For body, the range widens up to six choices. Most of the benefits overlap in the realms of hydrating, relaxing, soothing and revitalising. As such, I recommend you shop with your nose. I enjoy Bergamot and Geranium for a soft start to the day, and calming Green Tea or Lavender scents to end the day and ease into a good sleep.

Bare for Bare is available at BHG in Junction 8, Lot 1, Clementi Mall, and Jurong Point.