Peace of mind is a premium worth paying for. Peace of mind while traveling even more so. To that end, we’re fans of Tumi’s latest collection of hard-shell luggages. It’s called Latitude, and the brand is calling it its lightest range yet. The Latitude range is built around the simple idea of hardwearing function durable enough to withstand the bumps inherent to travel.

To promote this launch, the brand has tapped Alexander Skarsgård to star in a series of films depicting, obviously, travel. The twist here is that the brand is taking a latitudinal trip around the world – how about that? – and using the four different stops’ terrains and challenges test the Latitude luggages.

And so Skarsgård goes to begin his journey, first in Szekszárd, a county in Hungary; then Lake Como in Italy, where he drives a vintage Riva boat; on to Cougar Mountain in Washington and onto a vintage plane; ending up in Mongolia where he puts himself and his baggage through travel by train, car, and camel.

Alexander Skarsgård by Lake Como in Italy

You wouldn’t be wrong to imagine this as a kind of gauntlet of the elements: earth, water, air, though fire is tenuous – perhaps some sort of forge metaphor for the manufacture and creation of the Latitude luggages? Anyway. What’s impressive is that Tumi has managed a layered construction using woven ballistic material. The brand calls it SRPP – Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene – and it works by essentially absorbing and redistributing the force from knocks and impacts. Think T’Chala’s suit turning purple, except there’s no satisfying discharge.

Just as importantly, the Latitude suitcases aren’t ugly – a common downside with technically-driven design. It sports an unfussy modern design, just handsome solid colors with a wave motif. There are three sizes, handily named for their suggested use: International Carry-On, Short Trip Packing Case, and Extended Trip Packing Case.

Tumi’s Latitude luggages will retail starting August, with three colorways: black, navy, and silver. Prices start from $1,090.