The latest from Loewe is a capsule collection based on the works of William de Morgan, a British ceramicist from the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1880s. The Loewe de Morgan collection, which launches 15 November 2019, will encompass a wide array of ready to wear, accessories, and small leather goods bearing the fantastic creatures and floral arabesques of de Morgan’s ceramic work.

True to form, this collection celebrates artisanship and craft – elements that underpin creative director Jonathan Anderson’s approach to the Loewe aesthetic universe. The choice of de Morgan was, according to Anderson, “a very natural process” as “he was a big collaborator in the Arts and Crafts movement and a true fantasist in that moment.”

Postal Tiles bag
Dragon charm

Arts and crafts has been something of a regular source of inspiration for Loewe. A previous collection with William Morris espoused the same sort of reverence for the movement and its creative output. De Morgan was, in fact, a contemporary of Morris and even joined the latter’s decorative arts company Morris & Co., contributing developments in glazing, firing and colouring.

Bucket Tote Tiles bag

William de Morgan is perhaps best known for his ceramic tiles, which were often made with images of dragons, cats, Dodo birds, and the like in a medieval style. It’s a style that ties into the Gothic revival of the period and that taps into a British history and aesthetic. In this Loewe collection, those images are translated for fabric, finding their way into knitwear complete with appliqué details. These are of course present on the accessories as well, ranging from subtle to punchy. De Morgan’s artworks are applied on these bags through debossed leather, printed canvas, embroidered calfskin, or leather marquetry.

Cutest, though, are perhaps the oversized knit dragon’s tail scarves and horned beanies that bring the motifs to life. How’s that for a little everyday whimsy and magic?

The Loewe William de Morgan collection will be available from 15 November 2019 at Casa Loewe Paragon.