Collaborations have become commonplace in the world of fashion – everyone wants a piece of everyone. So it’s uncommon and exceptional when a new collaborative project causes us to sit up and take notice. Such is the case with the Italian footwear brand Tod’s and hybrid vehicle Qooder.

To be precise, it’s the No_Code arm of Tod’s which is leading this partnership. No_Code can be thought of as a pseudo design think tank for the brand. Its mission is to assess the way our contemporary lives are functioning and to create designs that offer lifestyle solutions.

The Shoeker from Tod's No_Code, designed by Yong Bae Seok.

Case in point: its first release in 2018 was the “Shoeker”, a hybrid shoe and sneaker by the Korean designer Yong Bae Seok that combined innovation, technology and Italian craftsmanship for an elegant high-performance product.

The Qooder, meanwhile, is a completely modern mix of car, motorcycle and scooter. Or an urban mobility vehicle, if you will. It uses a hydraulic system that allows all four wheels to simultaneously tilt so as to adapt to the road it’s on: on both urban cities and outdoor country roads.

Tod’s, as you might know, is most famous for its Gommino driving shoes – and therein lies a thread of compatibility.

Leather seat on a Qooder with subtle Tod's co-branding.

The two brands took the Qooder to the 2019 International Geneva Motor Show to unveil the new “Tailor Made” customization program available. This will allow buyers up to 800 combinations of colours and finishes on the Qooder parts, including a personalized stitched signature on the seat. The first, displayed at the Geneva Motor Show, was produced in close collaboration with the styling know-how of the Tod’s No_Code team.