Lucky Singapore! This August, we’re getting a pop up for Dior Jewellery’s Rose des Vents collection at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. It’s only the second city, after two successful goes in Hong Kong, to get this. Luck, as it so happens, is a running thread behind the Rose des Vents collection.

The collection’s name refers to a compass rose, or the eight-point star that points the cardinal directions. Victoire de Castellane, the Creative Director of Dior Joaillerie, referenced Monsieur Dior’s lucky star and his penchant for superstition to create the allegorical motif of the four moving winds. Its key motif was born out of de Castellane’s idea of “a little motif pendant”, which quickly manifested as a medallion – both a literal and romantic interpretation.

Illustration by Victoria de Castellane

I’m beginning to really see the appeal of jewellery these days, not so much as a hoarding-investment-heirloom thing, but more so as accessories for daily wear. There’s a real inner joy that comes with putting an actual diamond or gemstone on your fingers or around your neck – even better when it’s mixed in with costume jewellery. It’s a chic delineation of casual high-low style. Effortless, in other words.

Rose des Vents bangle in 18k yellow gold with diamonds and mother-of-pearl; Rose des Vents earring in 18k yellow gold with diamonds and malachite.

It’s especially so with these pieces, which come mostly in yellow gold in a braided pattern meant to mimic grains of rice. This, together with the compass motif and varying faces in lapis lazuli, turquoise, malachite, pink opal, etc., and pavéd diamond embellishments, make for a luxurious and casual effect it has. I’m a fan of the simple drop earrings, with a diamond stud encircled in yellow gold, with a hanging medallion in malachite – a brilliant combination of colour and texture.

The Rose des Vents pop up store will be at Takashimaya Shopping Centre's main atrium from 21 August to 1 September 2018.